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Hi, I am Kam

I am the one who wears many hats, and I don’t do it all that well. I want to welcome you to our journey and hopefully showing others how waiting on God is worth every lonely moment. The struggle is so very real, and it changes you. That is the whole point. We are a family that lives big, scary, fun, and crazy! We are a bit loud, and that annoys me at times. Yet in all of this I want to welcome you to this art God gave me. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do. Thank you for allowing me to capture your family ’s art and may our journey in faith, and all of its insanity, inspire you to follow God in mighty ways!
Thank You


How it started:
I prayed a simple yet terrifying prayer one day…. A long time ago…. I gave God permission to move me out of my comfort zone and bring within me a well of creativity. I prayed Ezekiel 37:1-14 into the dry bones that had never been able to come to life. God doesn’t mess around when you pray scripture over yourself. He sprang into action! In doing so I am now photographing the Ambassador of Mexico City, the marines that protect us there,

their families, and I am praying for more embassies to begin working with. In this time of 4 months, I am now working with the United States State Department Mission Mexico families and embassy events. Let me be clear, I did not pray for this specifically. I would have had no idea that this even existed! But God did. He heard my prayer many years ago and has moved past the gifting of it all. He has grabbed my hand and said, “Let me show you more”.

We are moving to Mexico!
We have some news. We have officially made that enormous leap of faith and are relocating abroad. We are moving to Mexico City, MX, and are very excited. We love it in the States, and we certainly love the people, but there are moments in life that you just cannot pass over. This was one of them.


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Photographer for Weddings and Special Events

Looking for a wedding photographer to capture your best moments? I am here to document every detail and emotion to make your big day extra special!

My name is Kam Scott, and I am the owner and operator of KSO Images. I am a professional wedding and event photographer specializing in a complete array of photography services for all kinds of family, private, and corporate events.

Moments Simply Captured

From engagements and elopements to destination weddings and beyond, I am here to help you create timeless memories that never fade away. In addition to weddings, I also extend my services to other special events and occasions.

Whether you are planning to throw a birthday party, organize a family reunion, or a corporate gathering for your clients and employees, you can rely on my experience to capture the true essence of your event for personal use, sales, or promotion.

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Satisfaction Guaranteed

I have been a photographer for a decade and educated through the school of photography at Colegio Americano de Fotografía Ansel Adams AC. Mexico City, MX.

I believe my education, interactions, and decades worth of experience. have given me a better ability to listen and create art out of your experiences.