Ready or Not Here we Go!

By KSO Images | December 27, 2021

Our arrival into the 5th largest city in the world. We are off! What a feeling!!! Butterflies in my stomach and a zing of excitement! It’s so stressful and exciting all at once!! Last night, even God gave me the sweetest note to not worry. I opened our hotel door to find “Bien” written there.…

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We Experienced Our Fist Earthquake September 7th, 2021

By KSO Images | September 8, 2021

Friends, This post is a bit out of order, but after last night I felt the need to describe what happened.  We experienced our first major earthquake here in Mexico City, MX.  Todd and I have experienced an earthquake before, him more than me.  This was much more.  We lived in Frederick, MD and Sydney…

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Now What?

By KSO Images | September 2, 2021

We got what we asked for!  What a feat!  We won!  We did it!  It was a miracle for sure, and we persisted!  We did it!  The dog got the mail truck!!!  Boom baby!!!  WAHOOOO we are moving to Mexico!  Champions! SCHAAAWEET!!!! GOOOOAAAALLLLL!!!!! We are moving to Mexico!  We did do it!  We did? We…

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What In The World Are You Doing ??

By KSO Images | August 22, 2021

Good afternoon to all those who have encouraged me to write this autobiography of our adventure as we relocate our family to Mexico City, MX. CDMX.   This was a strange conversation between my husband and I as we started to become aware that his job may offer us an ability to live overseas.  We…

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KSO Images

What In The World Are You Doing ??

We Moved our Family to Mexico. Good afternoon to all those who have encouraged me...

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